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Turn off the Brain Chatter

It is so much fun exploring each new small advance. Magic happens with a series. It’s wonderful to trust your inner instincts and turn off the brain chatter now and then.”

-Jean Bradley

Did Jean Bradley really say; “turn off the brain chatter now and then” ? Brain chatter, what  a wonderfully interesting way of describing the  constant barrage of information that plays like a movie reel in my mind. Brain chatter. I think you know what I am talking about – it is that continuous  stream of Continue reading

Painting is Hard Work


 “One of the many blessings of being an artist is that you don’t have to wait for someone to hire you before you can work. That’s wealth beyond measure.”
-Eleanor Blair  

"Deliberate Trust" 40" x 48" work on canvas

"Deliberate Trust" 40" x 48" work on canvas

Painting is hard work, not a relaxing hobby was the headline in a short letter by Michael Smith (Dersingham, Norfolk)I found online this week published in the UK Telegraph. Mr Smith states; “Anyone who finds painting relaxing will never make a successful artist.” Relaxing, no I can not say that I have ever found painting to be Continue reading

Breathing Room

“What art offers is space – a certain breathing room for the spirit.”
-John Updike

The simple luxury of time – breathing room – time to experiment with some new pieces. I read somewhere that a recession should be thought of as a recess.** I like that idea, timeout for the soul to play and regroup. The gloom and doom in the news everyday is difficult to bear at times. I am working hard on focusing, creating new pieces and watching as things slowly begin to change in the world. I have added a few new areas to my website. An online sale area for studio sales and a new gallery to showcase some of my smaller works. Art is important.


**I found where I read this great thought!!  It was posted on the NAIA forum for artists by Patricia Hecker. Here are her wonderful thoughts: “There are days I feel very depressed about the climate of selling my work. There are other days where I see this as a time of growth and opportunity. If we think of the word recession and think of it more as ‘recess’……it can become for us the ‘break’ from routine it was when we were in grade school. We probably all loved recess in school. We now have a ‘new’ version of the same. Maybe not as fun, but the time to do things differently. An intermission to re-group.”

Thank you Patricia!

These are 6″x 6″ square on panels.

"Small Work #61"

"Small Work #61"

"Small Work #59"

"Small Work #59"

Just Talk About the Paintings…

I asked, what do I do with this blog? What do I say on it? 

He answered, “Just put up one of your paintings each week and talk about it… people want to here what you have to say.”  Do they??

Okay, I will talk about the paintings… let’s just see.

"On the Edge" 60" x 48"

"On the Edge" 60" x 48"

This is an original work on canvas that has been created using acrylic paint. The collage that I apply to the surface of the work gives me texture, and color options to work with. Structure and balance of the elements is important – I want to see energy and excitement, as well as harmony.


This piece is currently available.
(Image Copyright © 2008 Deborah T. Colter. All rights reserved.)