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Commitment, Confidence & Continuity

“There is a wonderful feeling when you walk into your own exhibition. You see the work as a true extension of yourself. Win or lose, your interests have led you to an accumulation of your personal expression, signed lower right, 
mounted to best advantage.” – Robert Genn

"Comfortable Bliss" 30" x 30" work on canvas

"Comfortable Bliss" 30" x 30" work on canvas

Next week my work will be featured at the Cousen Rose Gallery in Oak Bluffs. Owner Zita Cousens has exhibited my work since 1997. We met when I was waiting tables and she and her husband Mike used to come in for dinner on a regular basis. They always came late after Gallery openings and the other wait staff wanted out – I always volunteered to stay. After a time Zita found out I was a painter and asked me to bring in some of my work. From the beginning she believed in me. I was working very much off the beaten path of the other local artists who primarily sell representational work. She has stood behind my artwork through all of its growth and changes without ever questioning where it was headed. The Gallery celebrates 30 years of business this summer and in a constantly changing retail environment on Martha’s Vineyard, that is a remarkable accomplishment! Congratulations Cousen Rose!

Next Saturday night my work will be up – some new pieces and some earlier work not shown here before, and  I will walk into the gallery reception and Zita Cousens will have outdone herself in the modest space she has to present my work. For a few hours we will celebrate the exhibit and win or lose, sales or no sales, I will walk away knowing that the work is a true extension of myself, an accumulation of my own personal expression, represented by a Gallery owner who has always believed in me. What more could I ask for?

Cousen Rose Gallery
Martha’s Vineyard
71 Circuit Avenue
Oak Bluffs, MA 02557

Exhibit runs from July 18 – July 25, 2009 [work will remain in Gallery all summer]
Opening Reception Saturday July 18 5:00-7:00pm
Also this summer:
Saturday, August 22 – 7:00pm to 9:00pm
A Book Signing and Art Exhibit
Gwen Ifill – Moderator and Managing Editor of Washington Week  and Author of
“The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama”

 The Gallery will feature work by Janice Frame & Deborah T. Colter

Above painting is available from the Cousen Rose Gallery.