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In This Moment

“Creativity occurs in the moment, and in the moment we are timeless.”
– Julia Cameron

work on canvas 48" x 60"  ©2011 Deborah T. Colter

'Seize the Day' work on canvas 48" x 60" ©2011 Deborah T. Colter

It seems as though the days are just speeding by – how could it be that I have not written a post in months? Yikes! Faster than a speeding bullet the studio time just disappears. Painting, painting, and more painting – I have been fully immersed in the preparations for a new show that I will be exhibiting at in New York City. The Artist Project New York will make its debut in at Pier 92, March 17-20, 2011, co-located with the 10th Anniversary edition of the Architectural Digest Home Design Show at Pier 94. I am exited to be included as one of the 150 independent artists who are exhibiting works in painting, photography, mixed media and sculpture.

The Artist Project is not the only event on the horizon. I am thrilled to learn that Anelle Gandelman Fine Art of Larchmont, NY will be representing my work at the Spring Affordable Art Fair in New York City, May 5 -8, 2011.

In addition to these two events my  gallery & festival schedule is being finalised and summer exhibitions arranged. Spring is in the air and for the moment creativity is occurring, making every moment timeless… with so much to do in this moment!

The Artist Project New York
March 17 – 20, 2011 Pier 92, New York City presents a rare opportunity to view and purchase contemporary fine art created by a selection of international artists in New York City. The exhibition offers collectors, curators, dealers and the public direct access to a juried selection of emerging and established talent.

I am very pleased to be able to offer complimentary tickets to the event: click here.

“The pressure of constantly showing work motivates me to paint every day.”
– Linda Blondheim

Work is available.

Open to the Possibilities

“Unexpected happenings are encouraged through a serendipitous, intuitive openness to possibilities. Although these efforts do not guarantee achieving the goal of each picture, fresh, exciting results are instigated whenever stepping off known paths.”

-Bonnie R. Beaver

"Providence" 40" x 40" work on canvas    ©2010 Deborah T. Colter

"Confidential Providence" 40" x 40" work on canvas

I have been very selfish with my time lately – I have been obsessed with my paintings and have devoted the majority of my available hours to them and them alone. I have been destroying things, rebuilding, removing, applying, sanding, scraping, reworking. Trying new colors, shapes, angles everything I can think of to bring a fresh look to my work by stepping off known paths...

I have been concentrating on slowing my process down, simplifying somewhat and being open to the intuitive process of creating. It takes time to respond to  those unexpected happenings within a piece. I am excited about the results so far and love that renewed spark of energy that comes with new work. Spring is here and there is much to be done for the upcoming show and gallery seasons, deadlines loom and obligations must be met. Although these efforts do not guarantee achieving the goal of success within of each picture, I believe it is true that fresh and exciting results can be achieved by stepping out of one’s comfort zone ocassionally. For that, I will try to remain open to all the possibilities…

I am pleased to be included in a show titled “Mixed Media” presented by Anelle Gandelman Fine Art at the AGFA Project Space in White Plains, NY. The show opens April 8 and runs through June 3, 2010.

“I destroy things every day in the act of working and often recall a picture I had considered finished in order to rework it.”
-Fred Auerbach

Painting is available.

All Images ©2010 Deborah T. Colter