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The Impression it Creates…Color!

“A color is as strong as the impression it creates.”
– Ivan Albright

Beyond the Boundary 36″ x 48″ work on canvas ©2013 Deborah T. Colter

I write to you as the snow is piling up once again. It has been a cold and snowy winter but then again, it is winter isn’t it? I am grateful for the solitude and the time I can devote to my painting.

I have been thinking a lot about color. I find I tend to focus on certain groups of color for a time period and then rotate into something different. I love using bold color, color that grabs and holds the viewer long enough to beg a longer look. Karla Araujo writing for the Martha’s Vineyard Times wrote an article last summer about my work. She mentioned just this thought when interviewing me; “Color is extremely important,” she told The Times, pointing to groupings of archived paintings that range in hue from deep rusts and reds to royal blues and teals, citrons, and mossy greens. Color is what first draws the eye to Ms. Colter’s paintings. But it is the complexity of shapes and patterns that holds the viewer’s interest.” (read the whole article here)

In my pieces I build multiple layers of collage elements that create patterns and subtle shadowing. I often feel as though I am creating something out of nothing – transforming paper, paint, collage & mark making into a painting that is alive, provocative and thrilling is my goal. Color for me, provides an invitation to look deeper and longer – it is an invitation to breathe in the pure pleasure of the impression it makes on the soul.

What impression does color make on you?

“Just as there are connoisseurs of wine, there are connoisseurs of blue,”
said the French writer Colette.”
–Quote from the January 28, 2014 newsletter of Robert Genn

Painting is available from Artist.

Those Tiny Successes

“Be grateful for the talent you have, the people you’ve met, and the experiences
from which you’ve benefited. ”
-Hap Hagood

Success! I am pleased to report that my first ever Open Studio weekend was a success. pc010060I met a number of folks who took time out of their busy holiday weekend to stop by and say hello. Many paintings found new homes. My studio got a badly needed, thorough cleaning, and is now ready for the winter work. That in and of itself is a success! I am grateful for the successes, the people I have met, and the experience from which I’ve benefited. I am grateful that the tent we set up in the yard for the Open Studio survived the 54 mph winds we were experiencing Friday night. I was sure at 2:30am, that in the morning we would find the tent in the woods! pc010057_21It wasn’t – it survived – major success! I am grateful for all my family who helped me set things up and take things down, run to the store, blow up balloons, bake cookies, and who continually stand by me.

“Life is made up of small pleasures. Happiness is made up of those tiny successes. The big ones come too infrequently. And if you don’t collect all these tiny successes, the big ones don’t really mean anything.”
– Norman Lear

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I would like to share this wonderful expression of thanks by Jan Blencowe from her blog “The Poetic Landscape”.

An Artist’s Litany of Thanks
by Jan Blencowe

To the creative Spirit who hovered above the waters,
to the Architect of creation,
and to the One who pronounced it Good
Thank you for this mysterious gift of creativity,
imagination and skill you have graciously given me.

Thank you for the eyes to see beauty in uncommon and ordinary places.
For the joy of color, for the muse of inspiration,
for the thrill of co-creating,
for the satisfaction of line, shape and form
converging to express what is inexpressible with words
I give you thanks.

For layers and textures, collages, and carved stones
I thank you.

For brushes and paints, papers and pens
I thank you.

For doodles and drawings, sketches and scribbles
I thank you.

For every moment spent painting and pasting, cutting and carving
I thank you.

To all who share in the love of art I thank you.
For recognizing the power of an image,
For acknowledging that art is the language of a human soul
and for honoring and valuing what artists create
I thank you.

“There is no better opportunity to receive more than to be thankful for what you already have. Thanksgiving opens up the windows of opportunity
for ideas to flow your way.”
-Jim Rohn

A Personality of its Own

“My studio has a personality of its own. It can be a monstrous clutter from one end to the other or, at times, the very model of simplicity.”
– Harley Brown

"Leaving the City" 48" x 40" work on canvas

"Leaving the City" 48" x 40" work on canvas

I have been thinking of doing it for a long time now and I have finally decided this is it, I am going to have an Open Studio! YIKES! Ok, it is not really that big of a deal – or is it? I am very protective of my studio space, I think most creative people are. It is really a sacred area that has a personality of its own. However, there is nothing glamorous about where I work. I would like to tell you that I have a wonderful open space with white walls and such, endless work space and light – not so. I work in a space that was once an enclosed sleeping porch of a guest-house. It is often a “monstrous clutter from one end to the other”. It is tight, it is cramped, it is filled with everything I am sure I need to hold onto for the rest of my life! The house is on my parents property. It has worked out just fine for a number of years. I make full use of the space. I create, ship, store and manage all that I need to from this sacred little space. Leonardo da Vinci said, “An artist’s studio should be a small space because small rooms discipline the mind and large ones distract it.” Well, then, I guess I am in the right place! I count myself as being very fortunate to have the space I have to work.

After the end of the summer and the fall show season, I often think about having an open studio kind of event.  Thinking about it is as far as it has ever gone – too much work, not enough space, why bother, you know all the excuses. Well, now I am actually going to do it. Yes I am. My space seems a bit tight these days and I have a lot of wonderful pieces that I would love to have find homes. There are new works as well as many hidden treasures. Works on paper, and works on canvas. I even have some posters and note cards that I did a few years back. The planning is underway and I’ve got work ahead of me – I am making my opportunity happen! I look forward to welcoming visitors! Really I do!

Colter Open Studio
New Works & Hidden Treasures
Friday, November 27, 2009  11am – 4pm
Saturday, November 28, 2009 11am – 4pm

Please come for a visit if you are on Martha’s Vineyard for the Thanksgiving Holiday!

“Look for and make your opportunities happen; they are not going to come rushing up to your doorstep. But sometimes they’ll be looking you right in the face.”
-Harley Brown

Painting is available.

all that information…

“There is no joy in a life that is all information. There is no ‘juice’ to that kind of life. No sweetness, no color. Like trading a beautiful golden-ripe orange
for a stalk of whithered broccoli.”
— Tish Grier

“A life that is all information…” – all information – information – information – I am plunking my self down into this wild and fast moving information age with the sudden realization that time is suddenly moving by much faster. I am absorbing as much as I can. Loving the new connections – the networking – the new friends found in cyber world. The links – the shows – the artists – the articles – the videos – I can’t breathe! How can I find the time for all of this important information? That’s it – today no computer – I will paint with lots of color – I will drink in the “juice”- I will breathe in the sweetness of textures, layers, paints, brushes, music, air and… Ok, maybe I will check my email a little later. I’m hooked – I hope I don’t start to look like “whithered broccoli…”

"Time Out to Breathe" 30" x 40"

"Time Out to Breathe" 30" x 40"

New work on Canvas. Work is available.

“Studio Sale” work available on ebay.

Trying something new – in the spirit of “Change”. I just listed one of my favorite works from 2006 on ebay for sale. ( It did not sell on ebay but is now listed in my new “Studio Sale” gallery page on my website.) More change!

"Considered Opinion" 16" x 20"

"Considered Opinion" 16" x 20"

This piece is 16″ x 20″ work on panel, acrylic, mixed media with collage elements. Soft deep wine colors with sage greens. 

“Studio Sale” works are pieces that have been in my studio for a time and are looking for a good home. They are far from rejects, only orphaned works that have been in my collection. Space constraints in my studio require me to list them as available for purchase at a nice discount from original pricing. 

(Copyright © 2008 Deborah T. Colter. All rights reserved.)
Painting is available.