The Pause Button

Matter Remixed 24" x 36" work on canvas/panel ©2017 Deborah T. Colter

Matter Remixed   24″ x 36″   work on canvas/panel     ©2017 Deborah T. Colter

Sometimes life events put you on pause. Unexpected, expected it doesn’t really matter – time seems to stop and then one day you look up. Where was I, what was I thinking, what was I doing, where do I go from here?? These are all questions I was facing this past winter when I was able to return steadily to my studio and my work. How do I get back in touch with my inner soul – my work – my passion? The answer for me was to step a bit outside of my comfort zone and to commit to an online creative visionary program (CVP) with Art2Life that has rocked my world. To give myself up to total immersion in an intensive 12 week program that I knew very little about was a real leap of faith. I will speak a little more about CVP in the next time as I am still processing this amazing experience. Some may believe that artists who seek out workshops are just starting out, my feeling remains that there is always something more to learn. I hope I never stop wanting to learn. Stepping out on a limb was the best gift I could have given to myself at this time.

The good news is, here I am posting to my long sleeping blog and while I can’t commit to future posts. I can say that I am glad to be painting, I am working steadily again and I am totally excited about my new work. I look forward to sharing more thoughts with you all about my creative journey.

“As artists, we must learn to be self-nourishing. We must become alert enough to consciously replenish our creative resources as we draw on them – to restock the trout pond, so to speak.”
-Julia Cameron 

Painting the Roses Red 12″ x 12″ work on panel


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8 thoughts on “The Pause Button

    1. Deborah Post author

      Hey Judy – pretty incredible experience wouldn’t you say? I find I can’t get enough time in the studio now! LOL!

  1. Don

    Wow Deborah! Had no idea you were on pause. Hopefully nothing bad! Love your new work!
    I’ve been on extended pause it seems with moving, travels etc. Will take a look at Art2Life. Thanks.

    1. Deborah Post author

      Hey Don – it has been a long two years of caregiving – nothing I regret, it just took a lot away from my studio focus. I took the plunge into Art2Life to get back on track and it really was one of the best gifts I could have given to myself.

  2. Yvonne

    Deborah, I always enjoy seeing your new works! Keep them coming. I hope to be an owner of one someday, as I have a dream of opening up my own clinic (audiology), and patients I think would find your work both soothing and searching, opening up new life possibilities. On another note, is Painting the Roses Red a new color avenue for you?

    1. Deborah Post author

      I so appreciate your thoughts Yvonne – I look forward to having my work on the walls of your clinic one day!! In answer to your question on Painting the Roses Red, no it is not a new color venue for me I just seem to have been working a lot in blues and teals this winter. I do love the reds & violets just don’t use them as much.


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