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Art is the River

“Art is the river that runs through my life. I drink from it as often
as I can to refresh myself.”
– Loretta Marvel

Gallery KH, Chicago 2010

Gallery KH, Chicago 2010

Settling down after the whirlwind of two openings in the past two weeks. I am trying to regroup and replenish and I find that the summer heat is just making things a move a little slower right now. I always find that Art is the river that runs through my life – a constant that grows wider and deeper. Sometimes it rages and sometimes it just sort of slowly drifts along.

The opening at Gallery KH in Chicago coincided with a freak rainstorm that dumped 7 plus inches on the city – creating real rivers in unexpected places! Fortunately most of the rain fell well after the opening.

I was thrilled to see my work hung alongside the work of Charlotte Foust, it is an exciting mix of abstract paintings. p7230019I love the surprise of walking into the gallery and seeing the show for the first time!

In 3 weeks I will travel again to participate in the Saratoga Arts Celebration at the National Museum of Dance. I am looking forward to visiting this area. My fall festival schedule begins in September and there is much to prepare for, but for the moment, a little rest is on my list…

Saratoga Arts Celebration
August 21, 2010 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
August 22, 2010 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
at the National Museum of Dance
99 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY

“How fortunate we are to make our life’s work centred on experiencing life with depth and creating a soulful response to it.”
-Linda Saccoccio

Voyage of Discovery

“Each painting is a kind of discovery, a discovery of new forms, color relation, or balance in composition. With every painting completed, the artist may change his viewpoint to suit the discoveries made, making his vision many-sided.”
-Robert Colquhoun

July is an especially busy month and I look forward to presenting my new paintings. As I write this, nine new paintings are on the way to Chicago  for the July 23rd opening of “Surface Elements”, a two person show at Gallery KH. Next week a number of new works will be delivered to the Cousen Rose Gallery for a feature show opening July 17th. Beginning July 22nd, the Lagerquist Gallery will be featuring a collection of my works.

"Shifting Admiration" 48" x 36" work on cnavs

"Shifting Admiration" 48" x 36" work on canvas

Quite often I think of the view from an airplane window and how the surface below is mapped out by the intervention of the human hand. The roads, the buildings and homes, the congestion in contrast with open spaces and how those elements interact with natural elements and each other. There is somehow always an ordered sense of chaos, a quiet beauty, when the landscape is viewed from above. Borrowing from virtual images of the earth’s surface, I have enjoyed the ability to travel over the landscape at will. My paintings for this new series of work have been influenced by the complexities of pattern, structure of lines and vast open spaces discovered through those virtual travels.

Gallery KH
“Surface Elements” featuring the works of Deborah T. Colter & Charlotte Foust
July 23 – September 7, 2010 Opening Reception: Friday, July 23, 2010 5-8pm

Cousen Rose Gallery
Will feature the works of Deborah T. Colter
July 17 – July 24, 2010 Opening Reception: Saturday July 17, 2010 7-9pm

Lagerquist Gallery
Will feature a collection of works of Deborah T. Colter
Exhibit runs from July 22 – August 6, 2010

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes
but in having new eyes.”
-Marcel Proust

Painting is available from Gallery KH, Chicago, Il.