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What’s your way of working?

“One works without thinking how to work.”
-Jasper Johns

New Piece  48" x 48" work on canvas

"Dynamic Voyage" 48" x 48" work on canvas

This morning I had an interesting conversation with my Twitter friend Alison Jardine. While some may think Twitter is a waist of time, I have found it to be a well of inspiration for thought, conversation and information, all with a dash of fun. Anyway, in our limited 140 character tweets Alison asked me, “what’s the prime interaction that will take place in your painting…do you not have an idea of color set or anything, is it purely ‘impulse’ as you get started?” She shared that when she starts a painting, “I have an idea of the ‘reason’ for it, in terms of what I am exploring, it keeps me on track…” While I admire her technique, it is not the approach that I take at all – I show up and conduct the players so to speak. Now, don’t get me wrong, l always have ideas, so many in fact, that I need to control them or they go mad. While yes, I may start off with a specific color set, I almost never end up where I started. My colors change often as my interaction with the painting evolves. It is building and layering process – a give and take of balance and order, chaos and control. On a daily basis I show up and work without thinking how to work, I believe in my instincts, which comes from many, many days of just showing up to work. There are infinite ways that artists approach their work, and there is no right or wrong. What is your way of working…?

“Love what you do. Believe in your instincts. And you’d better be able to pick yourself up and brush yourself off every day. While life is not always fair, it is manageable. It is a matter of attitude and confidence.”
-Mario Andretti

Painting is available.

Off to be an exhibitionist…

“Art exhibitions come alive in the form of street fairs, formal juried shows, or as organized “open studios”… This bounty of skilled artists, notable art competitions, progressive community art festivals and sophisticated buyers is a genuine inspiration…”
– Karen Honaker

"Intimate Immensity" 40" x 40" work on canvas

"Intimate Immensity" 40" x 40" work on canvas

Tomorrow I will be heading to Bethesda, Maryland to begin my spring show season at the Bethesda Fine Arts Festival. This will be a brief post as there is still much to do. I only participate in a few of these juried art festivals every spring and fall and always find them to be a welcome challenge. Sometimes it feels a bit like a circus act, choosing the work, packing the car with walls, tent, lights, step stool, weights and all the others various needs for the weekend. It somehow always seems to come together – usually with the help of my super supportive husband it everything magically makes it into the car and off we go.

Fully loaded and ready to go

Fully loaded and ready to go

There are many factors that go into making the show a success, sales of course go without saying,  a sophisticated buyer is a genuine inspiration!  I also find the interaction with the public is always a huge benefit for me. As artists we are very much alone in the studio, and when galleries or consultants take your work they don’t always share the feedback they get. This is an opportunity to get out there and really connect with folks one on one, to be an “exhibitionist” if you will. I hope to see you there…

“Every artist ought to be an exhibitionist.”
-Egbert Oudendag

Bethesda Fine Arts Festival
Saturday, May 8, from 10am – 6pm
Sunday, May 9, from 10am – 5pm
Bethesda’s Woodmont Triangle, Norfolk & Auburn Avenues

Painting is available and will be on view in booth #53 in Bethesda.