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Let go and trust

“Let go and trust; allow inspiration and imagination to lead the way… beyond the limitations of what the mind knows.”
-Linda Saccoccio

Painting a lot these days – so much so that I seem to have neglected writing anything for a while. I have been consumed by the work at hand, preparing for an upcoming two person show at Gallery KH in Chicago, working on a large commission project for a Boston hotel lobby, organizing for spring festival shows and summer gallery openings, and making some neccesary changes in order to move forward. Change is not always easy. I am enjoying pushing my own limits a bit. Continuing to work on some new directions – focusing on letting go and trusting. I am not quite ready to post new works yet..still allowing my imagination to lead the way. Baby steps – giant leaps…stay tuned!

Post 390  Boston, MA

"After Treading Water" 60" x 48" Post 390 Boston, MA

I had occasion to visit Boston recently while dropping of some new pieces for Jules Place. My husband an I were able to vist the new restaurant Post 390, an upscale comfort food restaurant at 406 Stuart Street, where 6 of my original works are installed.


"Vanished Concentration" 60" x 48"

What a treat to actually see the paintings installed in their new home! We had a really nice lunch and enjoyed our visit with all the staff of this fabulous new restaurant.

Series of 4 works on paper

Series of 4 works on paper

“It may take a leap of faith to be an artist and to trust that somehow with resolve, it will all work out and make sense to those who encounter it.”
-Alice Rich

All work in the collection of Post 390, Himmel Hospitality Group
Boston, MA