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In Some Small Way…

“Some people choose not to donate their services because they believe that it somehow devalues them by “giving them away.” In truth, there is nothing that demonstrates the value of your skills more than putting
them to good use for a cause you believe in.”
-Scott Allen

"Piece Work #506" work on paper

"Piece Work #506" work on paper 10" x 10"

As I sit here in the comfort of my living room my heart aches for the people of Haiti. I have no real way of truly knowing their pain – the loss of everything when they had so little to begin with. The pictures of the devastation are just heartbreaking. To suffer the loss of untold loved ones and then to find yourself without food, water, power, sanitation, security, is something I have never experienced in my own life – I can only imagine the horror. To have your life so completely ripped apart by a devastating earthquake and then to summon all your strength just to survive, I can only imagine the pain. But it is in the imagining of that pain that I realize the blessings I do have.  I believe, as Scott Allen says, “…there is nothing that demonstrates the value of your skills more than putting them to good use for a cause you believe in.” There are many ways to offer help – money, food, supplies, time, prayers; we all do what we can in our own way,  be it small or large. I am donating this original unframed work on paper #506 from my “Piece Work Series”  to the 140 Hours Haitian Relief Art Auction.  This special auction will donate 100% of sales to the  rescue agencies on the ground in Haiti including the agencies  “Doctors Without Borders” and “International Medical Corps”. The auction will run for 48 hours beginning 1/29/10. I am honored to be able to contribute my work to this cause. I hope that in some small way we can all help ease the pain and suffering these people are living with as they pick up the pieces of their lives. Please join me in helping out this worthy cause by bidding on artwork or making a donation of your own.

“Artists are among the most generous of people. Perhaps inherent in the appreciation of creativity comes a deep, underlying love of humanity and our Earth.”
-Kelly Borsheim

Auction runs for 48 hours beginning at 9pm 1/29/2010.

“Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present.”