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My Own Backyard…

“I am interested in making the simple profound, so my own backyard can be inspirational. I just walk out my door and it’s all there.
By painting simply, magic happens.”
-Peter Fiore

fall42It is absolutely stunning outside. The colors of fall are blazing and the sun is shining brightly. A perfect Sunday afternoon and I am drinking in the beauty of it all. Around here we don’t often get treated to the glorious fall colors that others enjoy. Somehow it seems we go right into winter browns, skipping right over the fall oranges and reds. Not this year though, Mother Nature is just singing out there! Ms. Nature is at her very best today. It is as if she is calling to me to get back to work. Speaking to me in a way that says, “Look what I’ve done with all this color, now, how about you? What are you going to do?” It has been a busy month: I have been travelling to festivals; I have been battling the rains and the weather challenges of outdoor shows; I have been shipping work, delivering work and picking up work. Moving, shifting and adjusting to the changing days. Autumn. Transition time. It has been tiring, but rewarding at the same time. With a deep breath, I now look forward to returning to my studio routine. I look forward to the magic that happens. The magic that by painting, simply happens…


“Art combines the best of what is in the mind and in the soul. The mind must be trained and ready for when the soul speaks.”
-Susan F. Greaves

Remain True

“The highest duty of the writer, the composer, the artist is to remain true to himself and let the chips fall where they may.”
-John F. Kennedy

It has been a busy few weeks! I am excited to have recently signed with Lagerquist Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia. Established in 1970, Lagerquist Gallery is Atlanta’s oldest gallery dealing in original fine art. The gallery’s contemporary collection of work includes a variety of styles and techniques from abstract to representational as well as transitional paintings and dimensional work.

"Vanished Concentration" 60" x 48" work on canvas

"Vanished Concentration" 60" x 48" work on canvas

I am thrilled to have recently placed two large scale original paintings and a series of four works on paper with Himmel Hospitality Group, the developer of Post 390, an upscale comfort food restaurant that has opened near the corner of Stuart Street and Clarendon Street in the Back Bay area of Boston. Post 390 is the exciting new project of the owners of “Harvest” in Cambridge and Boston’s “Grill 23” and opened its doors early October.

Not long ago, I was told by a client interested in one of my new paintings that he would only pay 50% of the retail value. “I know artists and galleries are struggling, so this is what I am going to pay for this piece” the client told the shocked gallery owner, who did not even want to present the offer to me. The client insisted and his offer be presented to me. Okay, I know times are tough, but this “offer” if you can call it that, came from a well off professional man whom I doubt would ever discount his own services. I do have to wonder why my education, professionalism, talent, services, or paintings are considered less valuable by this client, than the services of any other professional? I refused his offer,  no thank you, I choose “to remain true to myself and let the chips fall where they may…”

“A main part of the struggle of art has been to make an art that is direct, simple, humane, unconnected with powers that be in their essence… ”
-Robert Motherwell

“To create one’s own world, in any of the arts, takes courage.” -Georgia O’Keeffe

Painting is now in the Post 390 Restaurant in Boston, MA.