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Live Each Season

“Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, 
and resign yourself to the influences of each.” 
– Henry David Thoreau

"Bits and Pieces" 30" x30" work on canvas

"Bits and Pieces" 30" x30" work on canvas

It hardly seems possible that the summer season is coming to a close. Our oldest son returns to College tomorrow and the youngest leaves in a week. The house will quiet down. We will no longer be subconsciously waiting up to hear that everyone is home safe. They will resume their lives with their college friends and continue on down the roads they are building. It is hard to let go and at the same time, it is time. They need to go and find their own ways. There is a lot of growing up to do out there! 

I have been quite scattered lately. Feels like bits and pieces all over the place. It has been very hot and humid and life gets quite crazy on Martha’s Vineyard during the month of August. It is a test of patience, sanity and nerves dealing with throngs of tourists, traffic and the heat. And then, it is over, things quiet down and the seasons shift to a slower pace. It all seems to happen quite unexpectedly, and yet, it happens every year pretty much the same way. It just doesn’t seem possible that this time of change is already creeping up on us.

The commission work is going well. I shipped my piece for the Twitter 140 Art show at the Grandon Art Gallery. I have an opening this Saturday on Martha’s Vineyard at the Cousen Rose Gallery that coincides with a book signing by Gwen Ifill that I am thrilled about. The Island is quite abuzz with excitement because an important family from Washington DC will be vacationing on the Vineyard starting this weekend as well. There are fireworks and the annual Ag Fair, and our boys are leaving. It is all a part of the end of the season, changes are on the way, I will breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign myself to the influences of each change.

Painting is available.

If you don’t love something…

“I know you’ve heard it a thousand times before. But it’s true – hard work pays off.
If you want to be good, you have to practice, practice, practice. 
If you don’t love something, then don’t do it.”
– Ray Bradbury 

Inspired Radiance 30" x 30" work on canvas

"Inspired Radiance" 30" x 30" work on canvas

I love what I do. I paint on a regular basis. I practice, practice, practice and some days it really does pay off. I continually challenge my own sensibilities with new colors, patterns, lines, etc. I paint not because I want to be good – it is more that I  want to be capable. Capable of creating work that is exciting, refreshing and interesting to an enthusiastic audience of at least one ( …or one at a time). Okay, maybe that is the definition of good, but capable sits better with me. 

I received a commission for a large piece that is going to go into a new restaurant opening in the fall. The client really liked one of my paintings but it was not big enough for their space – could I make it bigger? Now, I know that many of you might be offended by this request, but I actually love this kind of thing. It is a challenge to “recreate” on a different scale, different composition, a piece that is equally as exciting as the original the client has fallen in love with. Of course, an original painting is always unique in it’s own right – it has to be. I have to make the work feel the same and yet uniquely stand on it’s own. The same but different. There is something about painting a piece again that takes the work to another level for me. I can hear somewhere in the recesses of my mind the words “now you have painted it well, so paint it again.” I wish I could share with you where those words are coming from but it is lost to me.  Perhaps all that practice, practice, practice really does pay off. Yes, I have heard it a thousand times before, and when a project like this presents itself and I am capable of rising to the challenge, I am grateful for all that perseverance and practice.

“For any artist to persevere, they must have an enthusiastic audience of at least one.”
-Stuart Davis

Work is available.