Making Optimism a Way of Life

“One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself.”
Lucille Ball 

"Rising Optimism" 24" x 24" Work on Canvas

"Rising Optimism" 24" x 24" Work on Canvas

Keeping busy. Yes! Making optimism a way of life. Trying! Really trying!! It has been a long road, the news each day seems more and more grim. Discouraging. I am making preparations for a trip to Chattanooga to exhibit at  an outdoor art festival [ 4 Bridges Art Festival] next week. I am reminding myself on a daily basis that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged! The sun is still shining, there are people who believe in the value of original artwork.

Havi Brooks wrote a wonderful post, [It’s not the economy.] Havi tells the story of a neighborhood store going out of business because of the current state of the economy. She says, Even in the worst of economic times, there are thousands and thousands of businesses — large and small, in physical spaces and on the internets — which absolutely thrive… She goes on to say, It’s [the economy] not a good enough reason until you’ve been daring. Until you’ve tried some hard-core “let’s mix it up and change what we’re doing” stuff. This is the time to do stuff differently.” Okay, I am mixing it up – I am planning on exhibiting a lot of new work – including my collection of small works that I have never shown in a venue like this. I will have both large and small pieces available, work on canvas, paper, and panel. I will offer payment plans, except credit cards, even except cash if there is any left out there! I am trying everything I can think of to keep the doors of this little neighborhood store open. Havi says,  …you’re absolutely entitled to have a good cry and to ask for a hug or whatever else you need. And of course a long whine about how incredibly frustrating it all is. Completely legitimate.”  Been there, done that! Noit doesn’t pay to get discouraged –  the sun is still shining. Art is important. Art will always be important – in that, I do have faith. 

Painting is available. [for sale]

“Negatives abound more than positives – and it is difficult not to get affected by it.”
-Lida van Bers

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3 thoughts on “Making Optimism a Way of Life

  1. Jennifer Phillips

    What a wonderful quote from Lucille Ball, to live by! I agree completely… especially now a days going out into the world, there is so much negativity surrounding this economy thing – I tend to tune it all out and stay in my world of positivity!
    Love your work by the way! Found you on Twitter.

  2. Patricia Hecker

    I love it! I love that there are others out there like yourself willing to think positive. It rounds out the sharp edges and makes me feel full and engaged. Your comment on my blog brought a broad smile to my face today! We must meet sometime! I think our brains have some similar cellular structure!!!
    Have a fabulous show at 4 Bridges.
    Open that canopy and reveal the magic you have created.
    It’s you, your work and you in the work!!!


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