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The Lucky Ones

How disappointing to discover we aren’t going to be young and strong and live forever… The challenge and the fascination of artistic creation is the best distraction in the world…we’re the lucky ones.”
-Janet Best Badger

"Contemplation of Infinity" 48" x 40"

"Contemplation of Infinity"

Well, my husband and I just dropped our youngest son off at college. He is a lucky one but I am not sure he realizes it just yet. He is in a wonderful school in a fabulous city and will be studying art for the next four years. I was transported back to my lucky time. Wow, it was a number of years ago that I was in his shoes, how did that happen?  I have been living with the fascination of artistic creation and all its challenges for many years. I am truly one of the lucky ones…      


Copyright © 2008 Deborah T. Colter. All rights reserved.)
Work on canvas, 48″ x 40″. Painting has been sold to a private collector.