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“Amateurs look for inspiration; the rest of us just get up and go to work.”

-Chuck Close
"Vital Serenity" 40" x 40"

"Vital Serenity" 40" x 40"

With summer here and the call of the outdoors, the beach, the garden it is a struggle some days to get up and go to work isn’t it? It’s Friday, I have been painting all week and now taking a deep breath, working on pieces for upcoming shows on the Vineyard and Westport, Ct., both will take place in July. 

Thrilled to get the news of a recently purchased painting (above) from Jules Place in Boston… “Vital Serenity” 40′ x 40″, work on canvas 
(Copyright © 2008 Deborah T. Colter. All rights reserved.)
*This work will appear in the upcoming issue of “Studio Visit” magazine due out in early 2009.

Yes, I will just get up and go to work… 


Just More Talk…

“Literature expresses itself by abstractions, whereas painting, by means of drawing and colour, gives concrete shape to sensations and perceptions.” – Paul Cezanne

"Comfortable Bliss" 30" x 30"

"Comfortable Bliss" 30" x 30"

A work on canvas. There is a power in the shapes, the way they balance and shift and hold onto each other. The structure of the lines and shapes add to the perception of balance. That rhythm of energy and emotion (bliss?) that is teetering just a bit…


(Copyright © 2008 Deborah T. Colter. All rights reserved. )
This piece is currently available from Jules Place in Boston

Just Talk About the Paintings…

I asked, what do I do with this blog? What do I say on it? 

He answered, “Just put up one of your paintings each week and talk about it… people want to here what you have to say.”  Do they??

Okay, I will talk about the paintings… let’s just see.

"On the Edge" 60" x 48"

"On the Edge" 60" x 48"

This is an original work on canvas that has been created using acrylic paint. The collage that I apply to the surface of the work gives me texture, and color options to work with. Structure and balance of the elements is important – I want to see energy and excitement, as well as harmony.


This piece is currently available.
(Image Copyright © 2008 Deborah T. Colter. All rights reserved.)  




Lot’s of changes in my Chicago Gallery… and a big opening to celebrate!!

Gallery KH, formerly known as Mary Bell Galleries, celebrates the opening of their luxurious new gallery space at 311 W. Superior St. with a public reception Friday, June 6 from 5 to 8 p.m.

Mary Bell, who founded the esteemed gallery 32 years ago, has passed the torch on to Lissa Kivisto and Kristen Hagan, who will serve as co-directors of the new gallery. Shannon Rather, on staff currently at Mary Bell Galleries, also joins the team at Gallery KH. 

For its inaugural show Gallery KH presents TRIBUTE, an exhibit featuring the latest work by 27 of the gallery’s core contemporary artists. The exhibit will run through Tuesday, July 15, 2008. “Each piece we have selected for TRIBUTE is a quintessential example of the artist’s work,” stated Kristen Hagan, Gallery KH co-director. 

“We invite the public to come and explore the rich and multifarious talents of these extraordinary artists.” 

At 3,000 square-feet, Gallery KH will be double the square footage of the former space at 740 N. Franklin St.  The newly remodeled space will feature a private viewing area, Mid-Century Modern furnishings and classic loft details.  Three street-facing windows will enhance the airy ambiance of the space and create a dramatic presence for the gallery on Superior Street.  Gallery KH will showcase the work of two dozen established and emerging artists in the heart of the River North Gallery District.

The showcased artists in TRIBUTE include Scott Addis, Montréal, Canada; Miles Bair, Peoria, Ill.;Rodger Bechtold, Woodstock, Ill.; Robert Berlin, Toronto, Canada; Gary Bowling, Lamar, Mo.; Marla Baggetta, West Linn, Ore.; Amy Cannady, Indianapolis, Ind.; Ellen Cocose, Lake Forest, Ill.; Henry Coe, Parkton, Md.; Carolyn Cole, Portland, Ore.; Deborah T. Colter, Edgartown, Mass.; Mark Dickson, Denver, Co.; Lynn Dunbar, Louisville, Ky.; Peter Hoffer, Montréal, Canada; Honore Lee, Kalamazoo, Mich.; Jerry Ricketson, Tulsa, Okla.; Rick Stevens, Grand Rapids, Mich.; Carol Stewart, St. Louis, Mo.;Leslie Tejada, Corvallis, Ore.; and Mignonette Yin Cheng, Ann Arbor, Mich. Sculptors featured include:Greg Milne, Chicago; Dan McDermott, Richmond, Va; Richard Taylor, Milwaukee, Wis.; and Dennis Westwood, Stafford, England. Artists featuring works on paper include: Denise Presnell-Weidner, Sheboygan, Wis.; Victoria Ryan, Eureka, Calif.; and Seiko Tachibana, San Francisco, Calif. 

Presenting an outstanding collection of significant contemporary artists working in a variety of styles and media, Gallery KH provides exemplary service in the acquisition of fine art. Gallery KH is located at 311 W. Superior St., Chicago. For more information, visit or call 312.642.0202.    

(Press release from : chicago artists )

“Playful Objects” group exhibition

"Thought Structure"

"Thought Structure" 30"x30"

“Playful Objects”
Opening Saturday June 14, 2008
June 14- July 15, 2008

Reception Saturday, June 14, 6-8pm.

A group exhibition featuring David Adix, Deborah T. Colter, Byron Gin, John Gutoskey, Stephen Hansen, Jesse Hickman, Aletha Israels, Kim Krumrey, Karen Shapiro.

Water Street Gallery

98 Center Street
Douglas, MI 49406
(269) 857-8485
(Copyright © 2008 Deborah T. Colter. All rights reserved.)
Painting is available from Water Street Gallery